Killa Kyleon
All This Cash On Me
[Verse 1:]
Tell them n***as ok
Quality street music on deck
Revolution anthem
This is the captain
Kill Bill in the building
Every hood n***a stand up to this
We hustle to survive doing whatever just to eat
So f**k a 9-5 we gon get it out the streets
Stay calm for the grind cuz they put me on feet
Im a fool in the kitchen, I'm a motherf**ker beast
I’m in the high twenty so my prices ain’t steep
That mean I came cheap compet**ion can’t compete
Thank God for the hustle, thank god for the hustle[x2]
Thank God for the hustle
We hustle any other n***a, [?] no sleep
Spring, winter, fall, summer time in the heat
Up and down i-10 like I’m hot shottin
With the hard working corn but its not popping
Throw it in the microwaves like a hot pocket
That overwhelming scent that’s what I got locking
Make the [?] get cla** like I’m shot blocking
Motumbo work my risk that’s how I got watches
President Gerolly and my besel sick
That mean they call that code there’s levels to this sh*t
Til I count a meek milliony b*t*h Im going in
Game seven I’m Lebron b*t*h I play to win
I make the weight hard and I’m a Houston Rocket
And you can ask them other turners n***a Houston got it
Leaning on these n***a til I fall asleep
It’s time to order b*t*h I gotta eat

I came here to set the streets on fire
I won’t stop until my whole block high
I got all this cash on me[x2]
They told me get it none stop
Go to my block rock
If I see it and I want it, I get it that’s how I want
I got all this cash on me[x2]

[Verse 2:]
Hit out the park, top a the ball game
All you nigas hate, I’m glad that ya’ll came
Did it for the streets never for myself
Don Ke motherf**ka the swag is somethin else
The top still near, the block still here
Hard head only ride
Yea the block still here
That’s just captain, repping for that family
Hatters gotta sit back down they can’t stand me
Seven thirteen, the dream is no phony
Stepping in here with thirty bands on me, homie
I say each time that I love to ball
I keep a lot a cash on me, ready to spend it all
Hustle non stop, do this for my city
I won't stop until my whole block get it
I got all this cash on me yeah, I still grind just like a G