Killa Kyleon
Hood Hop
I'm fin to give you half a brick
Of Killa Kyleon n***a, and the other half
Gon be the legend himself Bun B
N***a H-Town in this motherf**ker, run it

I'ma slang my caine, swang my swang
Pop my trunk, bang my bang
Grip my grain, recline my leather
H-Town hoe, they can't do it no better

I'm a Mack like Goldie, game like Kobe
I'm real and you shady, like Eminem and Obie
The game's hottest thang, since a iced out Rolley
I'm Shaq in the paint, motherf**kers can't hold me
Somebody please show me, a n***a mo' liver
You H2O flow, Killa flow like lava
Ain't nothing but riders, in my click b*t*h
And just like Rick James, I'm rich b*t*h
My flow like bronchitis, I'm sick b*t*h
So when you listen, you gon say that this some sick sh*t
I'm a G but, Killa ain't that boy from the Clover
Like P, you don't wanna go to war with a soldier
I'ma aim thangs, that'll put your brains on your shoulder
Then send you up to heaven, to go hang with Jehovah
Now the game over, go find a reverend
Cause n***as coming up dead, like 9/11
Now your mama in the church house, crying and yelling
He f**ked with the wrong n***as, we was trying to tell him
Whoa, n***as know that Killa Kyleon harder
I upset these n***as, like Antonio Tarva
I cut up the beats, like a motherf**king barber
I'm a 17 shot, you just a six shot revolver
Fin to run the game, like Nino did to Carter
Houston's unorganized, I'm finna put it back in order
Yeah, now that's what I'm talking bout
That's that boy Killa Kyleon, right there
Repping for Boyz-N-Blue, H-Town stay down
I'm fin to do this sh*t right here
UGK style my n***a

[Bun B]
I got's the eye of the tiger, and the call of the wild
When guerillas back down, n***as fall in the fire
So put out your black and mild, you f**king with G's
That don't do sh*t but stack and smile, pistol packing pow
Up in the truck and ride down, on your whole hood
The cut throat's on the creep, up to no good
You got somebody you can call, then you sho' should
Cause I'ma come through and burn your a**, like slow wood
Work on the highway, doja on the plane
Pills through the UPS, I'm thoed in the game
Got the drank from the drugsto', and hoes on the corner
It's money on the street, and I'ma get it like I wanna
Anytime you need to see me, it ain't hard to find me
Fingers on the side of me, Boyz-N-Blue's behind me
F**k n***as in front of me, we shutting 'em down
Treat 'em like a Jay-Z shirt, and b***on 'em down

[Hook - 2x]