Killa Kyleon
Get By Flow
Uh... Killa!..Aye

[Killa Kyleon]
You can catch me and Slim deep, coastin slabs
In South Beach Miami on Ocean Ave
Wit them 22 inch spinnas on the G-S car
We Dirty South Rydas but we not D-S-R
Or In Atlanta, we flippin thru College Park and Decatur
At 112 on a Sunday night, vallet parkin the gator
On 24's Like T.I., in a Drop Caprice
When I stop, the otha piece of the rim chop the streets
I'm a track lumberjack Yella chop the beat
Bring it back 3 times now stop the beat
I'm the hottest, the rest of y'all is obsolete
Mah name speak for itself so go cop some heat
And, Killa the reason why ya daughter is late
Got her suckin me up, ridin in mah quarter to eight
And get her like a dry plant, I'm finna water her face
Bustin shots at her top, bout to slaughter her face
Whoa! My 16's like keys or blow
When you inhale it? Its garaunteed to please ya bro'
But you don't want me to spit 16 and leave ya bro'
At the cemetery mah verse'll weave ya bro Its Killa
Kyleon Ill bleed ya bro
Get ya chick, filled up wit d**k, and feed the ho
Got the drop top shakin like a seizure ho
Tha Ak-4'll make you have amneisa bro'
And we gon' keep this here on a need to know
In case I have to use it and you need to know
I got em', trippin off this style that Ive done copped
I'm the dude the streets been talkin bout startin all the gossip
I'm Cold! Like a runny nose leavin the whole block sick
And my flow! Got 'em runny nose leavin the whole block sick
You can beg all you want, but you still ain't finna stop this
Glock, when I c*ck it, aim that bench, and pop it
And ain't a cop, can stop this, Killa from spittin hot sh*t
I'm on a whole notha level, try to get you some mo' notches
Rocks got the chrome watch lit like disco balls
I stand in kitchen like chefs cookin wit Crisco Oil (N***a!)

[Slim Thug]
Now who you know wit mo' flow than Thug and Killa?
And who you know wit mo' dough than Thug and Killa?
Who you know wit mo hoes than Thug and Killa?
And who you know mo realla than Thug and Killa?
N***a, theres no one, and if so? Show one'
So Slim and Killa can blow one, sell a break and blow one
In the sky, we two guys thas two fly so don't try
You trippin, I told you guys bout smokin that prye
Dont battle the super clan, you playin wit Superman
I'll make ya tongue kiss the sand, wit these two super hands
I'm just tryin to get by, tryin to get fly
Tryin to chill wit the finest chick, thas tryin to get high
Party boy, Dont do too much, but focus on sex
You boys broke wit no ho so you focused on plex
I'm constantly gettin checks and gettin jammed in decks
You say ya betta than me? But ya, gets no respect
You don't understand, how Slim Thug became a made man
Used to see me doin bad, But now Im, a major paid man
You sit at home all day, jottin rhymes in ya pad
While I'm headed back to Cali just to get me some a**
You boys tryin to live hard to be me
Dont try to be the hottest crew, that you seein on T.V
When Nelly went diamond, you was puttin band-aids in ya face
Now 50 Cent dropped? Now you yellin G-Unit all ova the place
You d**kride wit pride every week switch sides
Dont come around here wit that sh*t, I ain't lettin it slide
Tha Boss Hogg Outlawz gon' remain the same
Tha same n***as that was here, thru the rain and pain
Tha sh*t won't change mah game gon still remain
Instead of losin our fame, we still doin our thang
Me and Killa on the hussle on the double the worlds in trouble
You thought we quit? We bout to bust y'all bubble
Tha Boss, still rappin and still track jackin
When you see me in the streets? Do ilook like I'm sackin?
I'm stackin mo big faces and seein mo big places
And Still leadin a pack in the underground races
Slim Thug's the solo, Boss Hogg's the logo
Boyz N' Blue the click, Naw b*t*h not the po-po
We'll bust ya ho tho, If she round these parts
She gettin stuck on the wall and we ain't throwin no darts
I ain't tryin to break no hearts I'm just playin the game
And I heard she was smart, I was borrowin brain
I ain't tryin to take ya girl, you can have her back mayne
Cause she gave me the big face, you can keep, the change
Boss Hogg Outlawz.. We Too Gangsta Fa Yall N***a!