Killa Kyleon
Frontin’ Flow
[Slim Thug]
Excuse me honey chow, come get at me for a while
Has anybody told you, you have a beautiful smile
Here's my number give me the dial, give me a trial
I promise I'll give you a smile, if you give me a call
I know I'm not your type, cause I live the thug life
You think I sell drugs, cause I got this much ice
I rap I ain't got a album, she like yeah right
I saw n***as that went platinum, who cars ain't that nice
I'm like that's not polite, don't stereotype
I bet I can change your life, if you give me one night
I'll show you another side, of the world
We can take trips overseas, if you was my girl
Buy you a lot of white ice, so we can both shine bright
Trade in your Hundai XL, for a Benz SL
I keep you living well, stay stunting
Give you everything you like, psych boo you know I'm just fronting

I know that I promised you thangs, like money and diamond rings
I was just fronting, I was just fronting girl
I told you all kind of lies, to get in between those thighs
Boo I was just fronting, I was just fronting yeah

I seen the way you look, when I was parking the dubs
Plus I knew that you was peeping, when I walked in the club
Thought that I was fronting, cause I'm walking with thugs
So you pa** a n***a by, and start talking to scrubs
But one thang about me, when I speak to chicks
Is to take a broad home, try to freak with chicks
Put the mic to her mouth, make her speak to d**k
And if she got a appet**e, she can eat the d**k
I'm with Slim Thee, he the Boss of the Nawf
And this Killa Kyleon, I'm the Boss of the South
So go 'head lil' mama, and put this boss in your mouth
Work it all around, like dental floss in your mouth
You like the toss in the South, menage-tweezies
With two chicks, my d**k ma**age the breezies
I'm a pimp, it ain't hard to get broads to please me
So go 'head, get my d**k real hard and breezy trick