Killa Kyleon
Like a Pimp Flow
[Slim Thug]
I'm a pimp that pimp hoes, you a simp that simp bro
You think you playa in your daddy gators, and old clothes
I rock fitteds not dub hats, and still get hoes stat
Just cause you dress like Pimpin' Ken, that don't make you that
Y'all got the game wrong, hollin' bout the chicks you get
And chicks you hit, knowing damn well you trick to hit
The b*t*h ain't getting sh*t, from the pimp Slim Thugger
But a two hour room, and a ran through rubber
We ain't going to no Papa's, we ain't going to no movies
I'm taking you to the nearest motel, to do your duty
I ain't talking bout to do me, hit the sidewalk cutie
And see how much I can get paid, off your beauty
Hit the cut go on strut, advertise that b***
Flirt with all these freak n***as, let em know you a sl*t
Bring big daddy them bucks, drop it in the Caddy truck
You got bout three mo' hours, 'fore your time is up

It's the B-O-S-S-H-O-G-G click
I'm P-I-M-P I am G, you can't be me b*t*h
The flow I spit, is too hot for T.V. b*t*h
The chicks I hit, is too hot for T.V. b*t*h
Switch, which chick finna f**k the click
Get hit from the back, while she sucks some d**k
And I'm not Don Juan, and I'm not Good Game
But I can get a hood dame, and get me some good brain
Stay gripping the cash, like I'm gripping the wood grain
Over pots with the blocks, I'm whipping that good caine
It's understood mayn, I got clips and guns
I stay sucker free, like Lil' Flip and Ron
When it comes to this work, I done flipped a ton
While you broke motherf**kers, steady bump your guns
You punks is done, that's why you ain't having thangs
Cause see me and Slim Thee, we been having change mayn