Killa Kyleon
Stop Flow
[Slim Thug]
Young Thug, taking over the club
Every month I'm on new dubs, they think I sell drugs
Cause I flip the newest whips, and strip the baddest dips
I be in they lips and hips, without tricking my chips
You old dudes, tricking off your cash
To experience some old a**, that I had in the past
Like a pimp I smash and dash, I conquer my task
She was bad before I hit, but now the b*t*h is trash
I don't like to play house, I don't like to play spouse
I been there and done that boo, that sh*t played out
Honestly I feel like, all women are freaks
And who you know under 40, that don't cheat
So save the bullsh*t, and just let a n***a hit
I send you home to your man, smelling like d**k
I send you home to your man, nut on your outfit
You better think quick, or get kicked out b*t*h

As we proceed...

You f**king with Killa, these bullets'll hit your tissue
Like Sports Illustrated, you'll get your issue
When the mack flash your a**, or get your picture
Put on an obituary, and your click will miss ya
Motherf**ker I'm Killa, Kyleon when I clutch the Glock
Your a** and your elbows, finna touch the block
Hide your cash your elbows, you better tuck your rocks
I'm sorta like Deebo, when I touch the block
When I bust the shots, it look like the jaws of life
Cause I'll open up your chest, and have you scarred for life
I'm killing n***as with the flow, because the bars I write
The bars I write, might put me behind bars for life
Murder he spoke, all because of this murder he wrote
Keep murdering folks, everytime it's a murder provoked
This killer ain't the only thing, that a murder smoke
So try to test me if you want, and I'll murder you folk
I'm Kyleon, nope I'm not Adran's brother
I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, I rap cadran's brother
And the flow that I spit, is so amazing brother
You can't reach me on the phone, well try paging me brother
Got n***as that's with us, that play for the bro's
Got pimps with us, that play with the hoes
Rayface pull out the low, so we can play with the fo's
All you hoes get naked, do away with your clothes Killa