Killa Kyleon
Juicy Flow
[Slim Thug]
It was all a dream, I used to read The Source magazine
Biggie Smalls and Tupac in the limousine
Hangin pictures on mah wall
Everyday Saturday I'm on mah way, to the Galleria Mall
Pushin rocks, got me runnin from the cops
I'm grindin non-stop up and down the block
Yeaah! I got mah grind right I'm livin laid
I had to get paid, blew up like the World Trade
Born sinner, the definition of a winner
Everynight I'm eatin steak and shrimp fa dinner (Huh)
Pockets fat about ten G stacks
I get that fa sixteens on tracks
And mah whole crew is loungin
Got bout' three spots no mo' public housin'
I'm gettin big bucks and thas fa sho
And if you don't know? Now you know n***a..

We all had hard times
But Slim look at us now baby we Havin Thangs mayne
Everybody ain't able to have thangs mayne like we have thangs mayne
Pullin up lookin good, the baddest b*t*hes
Nice cars..

[Killa Kyleon]
Dre Day, B Lo Fud can't forget about Chris
When we was dead broke mayne we cuddnt picture this
Comin to the studio makin up hits
Gettin a thousand dollars plus just fa makin up sh*t
Started off wit Big Pokey, C-Ward and me
Neva thought I'd make it this far, It was too hard to see
Now I'm in the E-S-V, wit two broads wit me
They finna head to the house, They havin a menage wit me
You know, birthdays was the worst days
Now I sip a pint of drink when I'm thirsty
Make no less than a G on mah worst day
But I been Havin Thangs since the first day
Uh, I'm blowin up like you knew I would
I don't know why y'all doubt it, just because y'all knew I could
See me in the blue bus, comin thru my hood
Gettin love from the n***as runnin through my hood