"The Glory"

[Intro: Jeezy]
Oh it is what it is right here
Cass you a fool for this sh*t, n***a
Yeah, we gon' G-step tonight, baby
We gon' step in the name of glory, let's go
Yeah, uh
I'ma take y'all to the motherf**kin' club on this one, let's go, uh
Cincinnati, Tennessee, all my n***as in the D
Yeah look, look
Cleveland, Philly too, Chi-Town, VA, Bmore, what it do? What's up?

[Verse 1: Jeezy]
What's really goin' on?
Tellin' me I gotta put my feelings on this song
Tell 'em 'bout them devils playin' games in my mind
Ex drug dealer, still tryna be divine
Take a look in my thoughts, yeah you know what's on my mind
By any means yeah, that's just how I'm designed
We talk about the struggle, Michael Jackson in his prime
Even put 'em on a scale, 'til I seen that 9-9

[Pre-Chorus: Jeezy]
Thug motivation, yeah I did it for the thugs
Wasn't for the money, I just done it for the love
Eyes wide shut, b*t*h I'm lookin' for the hate sh*t
Lookin' too real, I started lookin' for the fake, sheesh
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