Chester Watson
Space Carnival
So we’re finally here at the carneval
My homies chugging berrs, smoking barnacles
It’s kibnda dope watchin foreign ???? at the ???? show
Thinkin’ of my past, quickly flashed through the day, cuz
I can get lost in mistakes, like we all do the ???? that I’m ???? in greatness
I feel it, but I can question god in the face of a million, cause cops keep of ?????
The civilians is aware, especially when I see it in the ?????
Us kids is more composed than the dose, most kids
Most times and whenever I see trolls, I don’t know nothing, even if I’m stoned, ?????
In the world of the wicked look at death in the face, turn the smirk to a ????? but
Let’s get away from the death and the image for a sec
Back to the good times, back to the sessions, refreshin’

Come chill out in space x4