1-800-273-8255 (Remix)

Eric Cartman

Hey guys, take a minute to read about distracted driving?
Talk to all the grown-ups you know about staying off their mobile devices when they get behind the wheel

Hey guys, got a second to help stop distracted driving? Thanks!
Hey guys
Hey guys, let's take a minute and talk about suicide prevention
There's probably someone right now at this school thinking about killing himself, and it's not funny
You better take him serious or he might actually do it

[Verse 1]
I've been feelin' sad, I've been feelin' sad
Can't talk to my mom, don't even have a dad
I can't go on, what is livin' for?
My heart screams, "I don't wanna live no more"

Eric, we don't want you to die
Eric, give life a try
Eric, we don't want you to die
Eric, oh God, no, Eric
I don't wanna live no more

[Verse 2]
But Eric, we don't want you to die
You're so cool, we'd be sad at school
Yeah, but you guys, you don't understand
With my girlfriend, it's like I'm livin' in quicksand

Conflicting thoughts, I need a battered wife shelter
My girlfriend is messed up, but all I wanna do is help her
I'm suffocating, I'm drownin' in sorrow
Gonna kill myself prolly 'round 2:30 tomorrow

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