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Greensky Bluegrass

"Take Cover"

I don't know what I'm sittin' here doin'
Askin' for change, who do I think I'm foolin'
Clock's hand keeps spinnin', time, it keeps on movin'
Rubber bands around my hands bring me back to begin

Darkness is new, who has a lightbulb
Hide in the corners now, is anybody listenin'
My shoes are tied together, could you loan me a dime
Must have a shelter to find your rest

'Cause it's rainin' this evenin'
My heart is reelin'
With questions and feelin'
It's time to take cover

The kindlin's wet but the fire's still burnin'
Teapot's a-boilin', and it's not whistlin'
My cup is empty, still flowin' over
Radio is singing and shouting out weather

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