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Geto Boys

"Gangster of Love"

[Verse 1:]
[Willie D]
I've never been played by a ho
If the b*tch is acting stupid she's got to go!
So motherf*ck a Miss Sad
If she f*cks with me, I'mma kick her little monkey ass

See you hoes got it wrong
Thinks if some n*gga say he loves you he ain't strong
b*tch, you taking sh*t the wrong way
And I can tell right now it's gonna be a long day

[Bushwick Bill]
I got to educate you brothers
If the b*tch won't give up the play, f*ck her!
Move along to the next trick
See I'm the type of n*gga tell a ho "suck di*k"
[Willie D:] "What if she's not sucking?"
That's a waste of time, conversation and my f*cking
I'll just put my f*ckin pants on
And tell the idiotic freak to take her tramp ass home

Cause I don't need a dummy
I need a b*tch to lick my nuts until my di*k is c*mming
And after that she'll earn your glow
Just call me the gangster of love

Call me, call me, yeah
Call me the gangster of love

[Verse 2: Willie D]
I like b*tches, all kinds of b*tches
To take off my shirt and pull down my britches
If she has big titties, I'll squeeze them and hold 'em
While she sucks my di*k and lick my scrotum

[Bushwick Bill]
If she's got a friend I'll f*ck her too
Together we can play a game of swi-cha-ru
I ain't the type who gets all mushy
I like to sit back and watch them eat each other's pus*y

Weak people might say we're insane
But that's the other damn love of the game
I'll turn your sister out if you f*ck with me
You want to know my identity


[Verse 3:]
[Bushwick Bill]
b*tches look at me like I'm a faker
Knowing goddamn well I'm a motherf*cking heart-breaker
I'll have them crying for months
Cause I done f*cked their best friends and put a whipping on their c*nts
They have their mothers to call
But if you f*cked one mom you done f*cked them all
And I really don't give a f*ck
Cause if your mom offers me the pus*y, she's stuck

That's the kind of n*gga I am
I'm always game to run a train, goddamn
Six different hoes a night
I use lubricated rubbers to make the pus*y feel right
Better safe than be a victim
If ya got a jimmy hat go 'head and di*k 'em!
I put the pus*y in its place
And right before I nut I pull it then to the face
And tell the b*tch to keep suck
And prepare herself for her first butt-f*cking
And when I'm done straight to the tub
Just call me the gangster of love


[Verse 4:]
[Willie D]
I'm a motherf*cker, I put a b*tch through a test
If she don't pass she don't get blessed
If the test consist of f*cking my whole crew
Well, b*tch, goddamn, that's what you gotta do!
You say you want to be down with Willie-D
But yet you find it difficult to listen to me
Everytime you f*ck up and skip a class
I'mma put my goddamn foot in your ass
And if your father wants to buck up
I'll beat the wrinkles out the old mutherf*cker

I'll treat a b*tch like a queen
But she has to realize I'm the goddamn king

[Bushwick Bill]
Some jealous punk in town
Told my girl I was f*cking around and she's still down!
To do the same you've got to have game
You want to know my name


[Willie D] Say eh
[Scarface] Yo, what's up D?
[Willie D] All the hoes mad at us cause we ain't paying for the pus*y
[Scarface] Fighting over their asses and sh*t
[Willie D] Yup, that's that other level of the game again
[Scarface] Damn straight
[Willie D] Say, man, while we on the subject of hoes
Whatever happened to the ho you used to f*ck named Cathy?

[Verse 5:]
[Bushwick Bill]
Oh, Cathy, that ho was hot
The first peace of pus*y that I ever got
She f*cked me till I was coming
Put my nuts in her mouth and started humming
I said sh*t commence the checking
She started scratching my dill-bag and said hold up a second
Turned me over on my back, gold
Opened up my butt cheeks and started licking out my as*h*le!
That's why I guess that I'm the gangster
And Kathleen Johnson, sweetheart, I'd like to thank ya!

Little hoes out there are getting stuck
By n*ggas like me and we really don't give a f*ck
Big-ass titties and the sexy switch
Whatever you got, you deserved it, b*tch

[Willie D]
See uhm, I like to take 'em fast
Act like I love 'em and dog their motherf*cking ass
Like for instance Ms. "P"
The b*tch ran a game and tried to f*ck over me
But I sensed it in the making
Talking about she's pregnant
[Bushwick Bill:] "From you or that Jamaican?"
She said me, of course
So I drug her little ass like a motherf*cking horse
That's what you get for trying to play me
I'll kick the b*tch smack dead in the ass if she ever say we
Made a kid when I make it
I'll grab her vile motherf*cking neck and try to break it
Cause I know I wore a f*cking glove!
You know who you f*cking with, b*tch?


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