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Geto Boys


{*yawing*} sh*t, I'm tireder than a motherf*cker
Need some pus*y badder than a motherf*cker
See if this b*tch is home {*dialing phone as beat starts*}

Hello darlin, how you feelin, it's Akshen
Fine how are you?
Aww just maxin
Been thinkin of you
Yeah? Well let's get together
Let me take me a sh*t, and I'mma meet you at 11
Aiyyo bring a friend, I got a buddy with me
Ain't got no friend (WHAT) just come and get me
I guess you know whassup
Yeah I know whassup
I ain't down for a love affair, I just wanna f*ck
Please come get me
Yo don't bullsh*t me
She thinks I want a long one but I just want a quickie

{*sounds of moaning - the chorus I suppose*}

Knocked on her window, didn't want to wake the parents
Came to the door, and the b*tch was just starin
Come on girl, yo what the f*ck is up?
Why you rushin?
You rollin with a n*gga b*tch or what~!
... Walked out lookin kinda sexy
Jumped in the vehicle, and you know what happened next G
Took her about an hour to get hot, heh
But once I got her started it was hard to make it stop
She started makin noises, and then the heavy breathin
I started suckin her titties and rubbin the pus*y
Easy, hehehehehe, yeah! But anyway
She was more like beggin, and pleadin for the f*ckin
Unzipped my trousers, and then started suckin
Had me sayin sh*t, I grabbed her by the sweater
She wants to lick my booty, I guess I betta let her
Once I came I didn't want the b*tch to kiss me
Thought I wanted a long one but I only wanted a quickie
HA HAHAHAHAHA, word!! Yeah

{*sounds of moaning - the chorus again*}

Drove her back home, she was lookin kinda frantic
I gave the b*tch some di*k, I couldn't understand it
Hey yo what's the problem?
I ain't even c*m; I shoulda stayed home
Yeah, but I'da still got me some
Where's your clip, get your sh*t and go
She looked me in my eyes, shook her head and said
She'da killed me if I didn't f*ck her right
So I got on that ass and f*cked the pus*y all night
She was c*min hectic, two nuts at a time
It really didn't matter, cause man this b*tch was fine
She was slippin off the seats so I caught her
The girl had the lips that made me wanna f*ck her harder
Grabbed me by my hand, she was moanin BRAD
Opened up some more, and f*cked her in the ass
The b*tch was gettin married, but all that's fine
I gave the girl a f*ckin that would last a lifetime
Oooh when I get home my girl is gonna get me
It turned into a long one but I only wanted a quickie

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