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Geto Boys

"Intro (Emeritus)"

[Spoken: J. Prince]
Aww, yeah
Free at last, free at last
Thank the God Almighty, once again, I'm sucka free at last
Yo 'Face, I'm gonna take a little longer on this intro
So I can shine the spotlight on these roaches and rats
So let me say to you homies, there's a conspiracy to destroy all Black entrepenuaers, in hip hop, by rat n*ggas and law enforcement
So let me begin with rat number 1, in Houston, Bookman
Now this guy sued me, went on tv, to show off his pumpkin head and swollen eyes
And then the police filed assault on me, misdemeanor, offered me 6 months probation
I told them no, so they made it a felony, and told me it carries from 2 to 20
So the judge say "what are y'all offering Mr. Prince" and the DA, Badheart, who not even a prosecutor in the court room, but since he has his obsession with destroying me, he yells "10 years"
So I told my Lawyer, Ken Schafer, "You tell him to do it, or lets go to war"
So the war begun, and the target number one was Bookman. And he told on everybody, Johnny binder, Harry Ole and even himself
I never saw a man sit and tell on himself, money fraud, tax evasion and then put the roach and the rat who is helping him, Binder and Harry Ole, in the grease
Now, I'm almost through, but the sh*t gets deeper
Because right about the time Bookman battleship is about to sink, and my case dismissed, the DA Good-I mean-Bad Heart claims someone called his wife at home, and my name called on his caller ID
So I hired a man, investigator, got the number and it was a crooked phone, in my name
But a bogus address, and no other information
Now for y'all who know, I was born at night, but last night
So who knows who has access to DA's home and mobile number
Yo Face, there's a lot of racism in Harris County, DA office
That's out to destroy our black leaders
Yo Face, I smell a set up, from Schumaker
So drop some heat for my boy Raw Jones, who trains to your music
Earl, who stood like a soldier for my case
And Fred who told the truth
And to all my peeps who stood and rode with me from day 1
I'm still that n*gga, raw with no cut
Yo face, you know the homie Little Pots is still doin 12 years behind this clown
So let's expose this snitch n*gga, Lil Troy, paper work

[Outro: Scarface]
I am Face, and I approve this message

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