Outline In Color

"Facts in Files"

I'm so glad you came to me first
Before anyone else hears about this
Keep your mouth shut, be quiet about
Matters like this in public

I've never seen an accourance described
Where have you seen water come down from the sky?
What kind of nonsense is this?

Let me show you some facts stored in files
Proven right by charts, graphs & illustrations
Water flooding us from above is an absurdity

Give up your childish dreams
Stop spreading an illusion
Our people have problems of their own

Would you rеally share those lies
And schеmes, building a machination
Instead of consolidating peace
In these troubled times?
So keep it to yourself

You'd be the laughing stock
For everyone that knows you
If you keep on pushing your beliefs
Upon them
You'd be the laughing stock
You'd be the laughing stock
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