Eddie James


[Verse 1]
Elohim, Adonai, Yahweh
Jehovah, Yeshua, worthy
Eternal, powerful, holy
We magnify You
Exalted, lifted up, splendid
Creator, Redeemer, Beloved
Hallowed be Thy name, sacred
We magnify You
Protector, Defender, Abba
Hiding place, Refuge, Strong tower
Law giver, Counselor, Advisor
We magnify You
Word made flesh, grace and truth, honor
Only Begotten of the Father
Rock of salvation, Provider
We magnify You

Glorious, omnipotent, Ancient of Days
Blessed and only potentate
Incredible, supernatural
We magnify, we magnify, we magnify
We magnify You

[Verse 2]
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Unity, manifest, oneness
Godhead in Christ the fullness
We magnify You
Righteous Judge, my consolation
Buckler, my fortress, pavilion
Bread of life, hope of my salvation
We magnify You
Governor, omniscient, dominion
Warrior, great Ruler, my Captain
Lord of hosts, Prince of Peace, Sovereign
We magnify You
Way, Truth, Life
Word, lamp, light
Rock, stone. might
We magnify You
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