Emm (Intro):

Verse 1:

I go through a sentence pumping a fist call it a punchline
I been killing and eatng cats, every battle is lunchtime
On another level of madness, I know I lost my mind
Dropping verses on hospital toilets this is sick-sh*t Verbal pysco path I rap with a killer instict
Concrete jungle flow more poisinours dan crazy bee stings
Exposing more faggot rappers dan asses on G-strings
I don't get betta yeah I get worse
They busy with dope lines, f**k it I got a crack verse
Im so ill on mics I don't spit I vomit
Lyrics that spread faster dan bacteria when Im coughing
I can sell fire in hell and still make profit
My swag is so sharp its like my style came with a razor blade
I don't rap in small street dats why my rhymes is never fake
I go hard with every line that's why I never take a break
Time is money, so Im never late
Hard punchline spitter and still knocking out teeth
I carry a butcher knife to the streets cause I love beef
Too many verses in my book it's like I need two mics
Lyricaly intelligent it's like I need 2 minds

Verse 2:

The game is on, I'm playing mind games
I juss wonder why what you do cause yo brain dead
I evode n***as like I'm the hurricane
I'm lyrically destructive
I bring confusion every time I rap
Im flowing like I'm narrating a story
Hypothetically speaking, I'm the sh*t!
I'm stinking up the place
My flow is like.. Ultra-sonic waves
n***as say my name like I'm a saviour
I go hard, you bicthes smoothen up my way
When I show up, n***as say f**k
I go to war instently (uhhh f**k!)
I kill n***as n***as when I spit
It's Nicko, the dope d**k, I f**k this track and pass on my heritary characteristics
Yeah n***as want my DNA
Hip hop is in my veins
I'm indigenous to this rap game
Yeah, it's Nicko baby
Yeah, it's Nicko baby

Verse 3:

K9 steppin in, where's my f**ken competition?
My flow is mathematical, I'm rapping calculations
n***as spot fake J's, but they can't solve for X
Spinal Cord karate, Jackie Chan got my back
Shot-put n***a, I ball so hard
Yeah, Hip Hop is dead, if I don't play my part
I don't play with words.. I tell them "go home"
I got a bad b*t*h, same colour as Doge Tone
You hit me with a brick? I hit you with an iPhone
My flow is cold, when I rap it does snow
I got these rappers wearing jackets in the studio
Turn The Soil into mud, f**ken pigs
Yeah, okay now Im done with the silly rhymes
All Red everything like I'm valentine
When I show up all these other rappers 6-9
Who got the best verse? Huh K9! (True)
Like a sleeping judge, n***a I rest my case
I don't TRUST her cause.. I don't have a CHOICE
I don't have a choice (RedGang)
I don't have a choice

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