Burning In The Dark


White face
White sheet
6 feet
Bloody knuckles
Bloody feet
Well that won't
Be me

I'm gonna be my own champion
Be my own savior
Be my own best friend
Be my life saver
Be the one I run to
When there's no one to run to
Be the one I carry
Coming to my rescue...

I'll keep burning in the dark
I'll keep burning in the dark
I won't surrender my heart
I'll keep burning in the dark

Face down
20 storys
One leap
Well that won't
Be me
Oh no...

I know maybe
It feels like your story is over
But it's just the beginning
Don't give up

If you try to wield the flame you get burned
I know cause I did it
You shoulda known by now, you shoulda learned
I can't be fitted
Into a box
I been unlocked
I can't be stopped
I wil burn down all this sh*t to the top
I carried this burden on my back
Through mountains and deserts and stood on the train tracks
And took every bullet
And broke every arrow
And stuck to my guns through the darkest of perils
And never surrendered
Never surrendered
I'll never surrender

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