Judge Me


You saw I was weak
You used, manipulated me

I was born in the dark
I was swallowed by light
I gave into you when I fell into the night
Now the ground where I walk
Oh the devil has trod
I called out to you
Shoulda called out to GOD

Oh I always wanted you
And I hate you but I love you
And I wish that you were dead
But I wish you were inside me
And it's dark inside this head
Don't you judge me
Don't you judge me
You don't know where I have been
Won't you love me
Won't you love me

You were never sober
And I should've known you'd f**k me over

I was born in the dark
I was swallowed by light
I gave into you when I fell into the night
And I worshipped your body like
Venus and the sun
Now look what I've become...

Lord, why did you bring me here tonight?
Even I can see we're out of light...
And Lord I wanted this man to be my life
And I was ready to be his wife
Wife, his wife
His wife, his wife...

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