Don't wanna question if in the morning you’ll be here
So I'm gonna put my jeans on
Don't wanna worry, don’t wanna wonder if you care
So I'm gonna put my timbs on
Baby it's not that I don't care for you
But I don't want it to be like this
I ain't ready to give it all up to you
So tonight it's just a goodnight kiss

When the clock strikes midnight, baby
I'll be living with no regrets
Cause when the clock strikes midnight, baby
I’ll be all alone in my bed
Don’t take it personal
Baby its personal....

Don't wanna keep messing up in all the same ways
I made so many mistakes
Looking back I wish could take them all away
But God’s given me a clean slate
This is the place where I've always fallen
The place where I've got to change
But tonight I hear real love calling
And I'm so sick of being ashamed

When I’m ready for love
It's gonna be so good
But I ain't ready for love
It ain't personal
I'm just learning to love myself like I should...
It's nothing personal

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