Quentin Tarantino
Scene 4 No Dead Bodies For Dada Tonight
An alarm clock reading 8:00 buzzes, Dr. William Block turns off the alarm instantly. He and his wife, Dr. Dakota Block are getting out of bed. They both turn on lamps, signifying that it’s dark outsite (8PM)

William Block:
Open the shades.
Get some light in here.

Dakota Block: (opens the shades to a full moon, she can see the distance green gas)
Nice night.

William Block:

Mrs. Block is pouring milk into a bowl of cereal, and some coffee. Her hair is up in rollers and she’s on the phone. Her son Tony is at the counter playing with a toy, awaiting his “breakfast”.

Sh*t. (pours milk into the wrong cup of coffee, empties it out and repours)
I couldn’t get off work this week… But you only have to stay til ten.
(Whispering) A friend of mine will be here before ten to pick up Tony.

Tony: (playing with his toys)
I’m gonna eat your brains and gain your knowledge.

What did I tell you? No playing with toys at the table, didn’t I tell you that?


Dakota: (talking into phone)
There’s a packed suitcase under his bed.

Dakota is sending a text to “T. Visan” with the subject “Urgent”. The text reads “Hurry baby, I think he knows…”William walks in, Dakota quickly turns and shuts her cell phone.

I’ll leave him watching TV. But you need to be here in the next twenty minutes. Thank you.

As William walks up behind her to look at what she’s holding, she quickly extends her hand out and offers him the cup of coffee.
Hey, what happened to your tooth?

Tony: (opens mouth to show the missing tooth)
Fell out.

Wow. Think you can say a prayer for your old man? No dead bodies for Dada tonight.

No dead bodies for Dada tonight. Amen.

Who was that you were talking to? (to wife)

Babysitter. She’s on her way.

William: (to Tony)
You believe her?


Me neither.
Dakota turns on the faucet and puts her hand underneath the water.