Quentin Tarantino
Scene 10 El Wray Interrogation
Establishing shot of the outside of the police station. Sheriff Hague is moving Wray out from the back of the police car. Wray is chained at the feet as well as hands. We move inside for the interrogation.

Wray: (on the phone with Sheriff Hague watching him)
DC2? Mmm. Yeah. Well, what about countering with atropine? Yeah. (Hague writes something in his notepad). Okay. Gotcha, gotcha.

Wray hangs up the phone. We see Ranger Earl McGraw walking in.

Earl McGraw:
Well, boys, I’m beat. I gotta get home. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

Sheriff Hague:
All right, then. Thanks for the extra help, Earl.

Hey Wray. You in trouble again?

Just pa**in’ through, I hope.

Well, me too.

How’s the wife, Earl?

Earl: (pauses as he’s exiting the station)
Well, she’s not too good. Thanks for askin’. Most of it’s her own doin’, you know. Smokin’ them goddamn cigarettes. Pack a day for 40 years. Yeah, she doesn’t want anything to do with, uh… Chemo. So… It does take its toll. You don’t smoke, do you, Wray?

Wray: (ashtray directly in front of him)

That’s probably good. See y’all.

Earl walks out and Wray instantly lights up a cigarette.

You’re gonna start by tellin’ me when you first started carrying this gun. And then we’ll move up, to when you first set eyes on this gal Cherry.
The two men glare at each other, the camera moves behind Hague’s end and as it pa**es by, a transition occurs and we are now in the hospital with Cherry as she’s waking up. She removes the blanket from her legs to expose her now severed limb. She begins weeping, telling herself that she’ll be okay. Her makeup is running. We hear a phone ringing and when it gets picked up, we transition back to the police station with Hague the one answering.

Sheriff Hague.

JT: (on the other line)
It’s JT Sheriff.

JT, how’s the barbecue business?

JT: (camera cuts to JT stirring a pot at his restaurant)
Ever since that b*st*rd landlord raised the rent, it’s gone to sh*t.

Well, I’m real sorry to hear about that. I wish there was something I could do.

Right now I ain’t callin’ my brother, I’m callin’ the sheriff.

I’m listening, what’s the trouble?

Well there ain’t no trouble, not yet, anyway. I got two delinquents been hangin’ around here for over an hour. They won’t purchase and they won’t leave. (Camera shows the two “delinquents” walking towards JT’s door). Oh, never mind. Here they come.
Hague: (leans in on the phone to emphasize seriousness)
You cook that meat at 250 degrees, don’t you?

I don’t remember. I set the heat with my hand.

You give me that recipe, or I’ll raise your rent higher than a Georgia pine.

Brother, ain’t no Texan’s ever gonna give you his barbecue recipe. That’s a fact. He’ll take it to his grave. I could be bleedin’ like a stuck pig, I ain’t gonna tell you. I could be dyin’ in your arms, I ain’t gonna tell you!

JT laughs and hangs up the phone, Hague on the other end hangs up the phone and says “we’ll see about that.”

You gonna look or you gonna eat?

The two people outside of his door are now visible, and they’re zombies. They snarl and rip open the door.