Quentin Tarantino
Scene 12 Police Station Assault
Quick cut back to the police station where the interrogation is occurring. Without an establishing shot, the scene is cut into immediately with Deputy Tulo storming inside.

Deputy Tulo: (storming in, slamming his hat onto a coat rack by the door)
Shut the f**k up! Somebody take care of this perp for me before I f**king kill him!

Sheriff Hague:
What the hell’s going on?

Ah, he was causin’ a ruckus over at Skip’s place, so I cuffed him, and the son of a b*t*h bit my goddamn finger off.

Hague: (offering Tulo a towel)
Quit your hollerin’ and get yourself a goddamn Band-Aid.

Tulo: (taking the towel stomping around)
I’m not exaggerating, using colorful speech, Sheriff. He bit my finger clean off! (shows Hague his missing ring finger) F**king sh*t! (walks back to the doorway and points outside while speaking) Get out there and book him, ‘cause I’ll f**kin’ kill him if I have to do it.

Hague: (tossing keys)
Carlos, go get him. Wray… You stay put.

Carlos catches the keys, Hague stands up and the three officers walk outside slowly approaching the car. Carlos c*cks his shotgun and looks inside to find no perp and a broken window.

Deputy Carlos:
Are you sure he’s in there?

Tulo: (confused)
He was… Motherf**ker.

Wray, still chained at the hands and feet walks into the doorway. The three officers begin searching the area. Carlos examines the broken window. Wray notices some guns that are locked up on the inside of the station. Carlos finds Tulo’s ring on the ground. He picks it up as something flashes across the screen.

He’s gone… Broke out the window.

Where’s my finger?

Found your ring.
Hague: (to Wray)
Could it be the same guy as your leg-snatcher?

I didn’t get a good look at mine.

Hague: (after hearing a snarl)
That him over there?

Carlos dramatically walks Tulo’s ring over to him. Before Tulo can grab the ring, a zombie rushes up and bites at Carlos’ arm. Another zombie appears and they drag him back onto the hood of a police car. They begin ripping at him. Hague opens fire, connecting with all three zombies. Another appears behind him, he opens fire. When the camera moves to this fourth zombie, more can be seen in the distance across the street. Carlos is completely torn apart. Tulo looks at the ground and spots his ring as Hague fends off zombies. A zombie throws Tulo against a police car, Hague now facing the station, aims at the zombie. Before firing he yells for Wray, Hague checks the doorway and Wray is gone. He re-aims at the zombie’s and opens fire. Tulo grabs his ring and removes his pistol from its holster, while uppercutting a zombie he opens fire and screams “you motherf**ker!” A police cruiser pulls up as three more deputies come out and open fire on the approaching zombies. A misfire blows up a police car as the policemen regroup. Wray comes into frame, still chained, slamming a zombie on the hood of a cruiser and drop kicking him. He finds a gun on the ground and as the zombie grabs at his leg, he shoots both the chain on his feet and the zombie with the same bullet. Hague moves over to one of the dead zombies on the ground.

No don’t touch him!

Why not?

Wray: (getting to his feet)
He’s infected.

With what?

Wray: (walking away from the station)
Hague: (aims his gun at Wray)
Wray! Drop the f**kin’ gun.

Wray offers the gun to Hague, who takes the gun from his hand. Wray turns back around and heads to his truck.

Where the f**k do you think you’re goin’?!

Wray: (enters his truck)
I’m gonna go get Cherry!

Fine. But we’re taking my car.

Hague spins around to face his car, which instantly explodes, he turns back around towards Wray and the truck.

Hague: (getting into Wray’s truck)
I’m riding with you. Don’t make any sudden moves.

The remaining officers can be seen still firing at zombies as the camera cuts away.