Quentin Tarantino
Scene 26 Two Against the World
We cut back to Wray and Cherry outside of the helicopters.

Wray: (bloody and dying)
Go on, leave me.

I am not leaving you here like this. Motherf**kers around here eat road kill.

Wray laughs.

See? I’m funny. I made you laugh.

Go to the ocean. Put your backs to it. Protect yourselves there.

Cherry: (crying)
I’m not leaving you, Wray. It’s two against the world.

It will be. (moves his hand to her stomach) I promise… I never miss. Don’t worry baby. You’ll find your way.

He then convulses and dies. The helicopter is now directly above Cherry as she’s crying at the loss of Wray.

Reach up!

Cherry sobs, kisses Wray one last time and lifts her hands up, grabbing the rope that Dakota sent down. The helicopter takes off, carrying Cherry away. Softer music begins to play as we get a bird’s eye view of Wray’s corpse.

We transition to a wide shot of the crew, lead by Cherry, walking through the desert. She’s leading the crew on horseback away from some decrepit skyline next to a body of water. An old set of ruins up against the ocean is shown, to portray Cherry and her people’s new home.

Cherry: (narrating)
It’s like you said it would be Wray. I’m like you said I would be. I find the lost… The weary… Those that have no hope. I find them and I lead them. To a land that we made for ourselves. The land by the sea.

A kid is running alongside the group of followers Cherry has behind her. Out of the bushes pops out a zombie to attack the child. Rose instantly stops her horse, lifts her leg to reveal an even bigger, newer gun, a minigun. She fires at the zombie, causing its head to explode. Cut to Dakota, toting an a**ault rifle on the beach. Skip is shown with the Twins, everyone seems happy. Cherry, still on her horse is shown in front of the ruins, and now a baby is hooked up to Cherry’s back, like a backpack.

Cherry: (narrating)
It’s beautiful. She’s beautiful. I wish you could see us, us two. It’s like you said it would be. Two against the world, baby. Two against the world.
The end.