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"Stckhlm Syndrome (Interlude / Stripped)"

[Verse 1]
Here he goes, here we go
We got two big egos
We smoke and we talk
Tryna catch a vibe in the weed smoke
We too old, sh*t
We should be actin' grown and sh*t, mmm
Always find a place to put your hands on
Keepin' me on hold like a ransom
You get away with murder 'cause you're handsome
Stockholm syndrome, baby, that's the truth, oh
You got a way 'bout you, mmm, ooh

This Cali got my feelings showin'
I'm puttin' all my pride aside tonight
So where'd you see this even going?
'Cause it's the same thing every time
You tie me down, tie me down, tie me down
And I allow, I allow, I allow it
You tie me down, tie me down, mmm
And I allow, I allow it

[Verse 2]
Never give me a wake up text
But you never had a problem with the break up sex
You think, you think you know best
It's 50/50, too much stress, ah
Now you know what you missin'
But you ain't no different, I see you
Don't play the victim, you never lose
You got me addicted, I'm so hooked on you
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