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Imperium Dekadenz


[Verse 1]
The sun soared
Into dark moist green
Aflamed my mind
A thought was born
Under the misty roof of dreams
The others remained like accursed
In deepest sleep

[Chorus 1]
Within darkness I crept out
Over the dreamers begone
Into solitude away

[Verse 2]
Outdoors, my stare solidified
The forest was ranged
By a poignant cold veil
And the firs drowned silently

[Chorus 2]
Under darkness I ventured forth
A spirit for reason and verity

[Verse 3]
Within the misty breath of trees
I passed through the covert
Crowned and free

[Chorus 3]
The shelter, dim and distant
I looked into my heart, saw bitterness
But bravery wasn't washed away


[Verse 4]
I espied now my path
My fate is nourished
Not by sheltered sleep
But dark obscurity

A way into an uncertain realm
A reign of whispering shadows
This may fill my craving
For transcendence and spirit

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