NanowaR of Steel

"Ironmonger (The Copier of the Seven Keys)"

Master of the allen wrench
Riding a mighty lawnmower for revenge
In the realm of the screws he's the king
And Lord of the Towel Rings

[Strofa 1]
Edison of the lightbulb
Leonardo of the shower tray
Renzo Piano of the gas pipes
David Hasselhoff of the glue
Einstein of the screwdriver
Plato of the kick plates
Hemingway of the instructions
Translated into Dutch

With the power of Black & Decker
And the magic of Leroy Merlin
Praise the wisdom of Rowenta
In the name of the almighty Bosch!

Hail to the affordable Ironmonger
Prophet of bricolage of the last eclipse
Purchase cutting edge items at the Ironmonger’s
Ineffable copier of the seven keys
You're the Spongebob of promotions on the glue!
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