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Lost here without any weapon, the fog cleared in seconds
Presenting the all feared colossus of legend and folklore/
That most thought was bogus
Approaching the public eye's focal point/
Photos show all the valleys and peaks of the titanic features
That I can't believe, even though I stand in its company/
Cursed with a jaw that won't close, coupled with two legs buckling/
It just emerged from the ocean, covered in/
Seaweed and capsized boats
It's lumbering up on to shore with a great maw that roars
With the force that could take your bewildered face off/
See fissures on its teeth that secrete lava
We're all gone, just log it and jot down/
All of the things that make it too strong to kill
As it toys with the buildings it stomps at will/
They just deployed the payloads
Dropping their miniature mega-tonne bombs/
Halos form on the exo-skeleton
But they're barely making dents with the blows that they throw

The sun starts burning brightly
The prelude to some untimely end/
The fog recedes entirely
Streets engulfed in a fiery breath/

F16's start to scream as they fly by
Oil leaks out of a claw gouged tanker in high tide/
Wide eyed anger and panic with 'end is nigh' signs
Bright ideas run finite, you could surmise the event with a whimper/
A battle wherein there lies one victor
It's simple, we brought this upon ourselves/
The fog that held that monster that's swatting a helicopter
Is the same damn fog that we thought concealed/
All our wrong doings and all evil
Each inhumane action we watched unveil/
Each innocent creature that we shot and killed
Every little bit of malice that we got instilled/
I walk through the soft city's hard entrails
In a shadow that stretches right off the scales/
It reared its ugly head with a breath
That blew the red Horseman of Death shaped clouds asunder
With a blue shockwave too loud for the space above it/
It moved in a circle and turned to face me
I viewed upwards as my innards were whirling to gravy/
Nowhere to escape it, two giant bonfires
And a mountain range of teeth in a face that seems too happy to take me/
Claws ripped through storefronts, tore trucks in half
Devoured planes, no airport intact/
Craters created on every step's impact
Sky changed to grey so fast, snapped a synapse
But no life montage chose to flash before my eyes
It's no surprise as the mouth of oblivion opened wide
I just felt the heat, in a golden light/

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