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Glocca Morra

"Secret Drinker"

If i slip my hands down her pants
Will we slip into a new romance?
At the liquor store, I come back
For two more. Three times, then twenty lines
Secret drinkers lead secret lives; killing time

I was the one who came down from the mountain. After hours
You were pushing Henry outside. He wanted to take walks. You wanted to make strides
Caught you drinking forties when you lit up in police lights;
That heavy shower
I was making soup of insides
He wanted two more lines. Double lives. I guess you
Catching colors, secret thinkers, think undercover
Guess you lied, and your brother. Secret drinkers lead secret lives
Catching colors

Two times: a p*sser or kisser. A case dismisser in separate filters
Secret lives: two bloodshot eyes. I kiss her, convince her to stay the night;
Stay on my side
Two secrets

Secret drinker
In secret life
On daddy's side
Thinks half the time
Thinks half the time

A stand-up guy of Appalachian highs
In mother's eyes
Could do no wrong
Could never die
Could never die

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