"Got Ya Hustle On"

(feat. Big Tymers)

Fa sho' n***a, off top
Believe this playboy, fa sho' n***a

I'm the #1 stunna, don't flinch you b*t*h
I cash in quick and go and flash my 6
Twenty inch dub n***as how you love that b*t*h?
20 ki's or hard blocks, we call them bricks
I'm a Uptown survivor, n***as stash the lick
Just bought a new Beemer, X-5 the b*t*h
Puttin dubs with a kit n***a, flash yo' sh*t
Puttin ice in my grill, f**k a classy b*t*h
I'm a Uptown thug, can't you see that sh*t?
I'm around the way hunt for quarter ki's and bricks
You can catch me at the club with a ghetto b*t*h
Or you can see me at my mansion with a nasty b*t*h
Flat screen, loud music, me and Fresh a b*t*h
Pullin out the driveway with new cars and sh*t
Palm trees feelin good n***a we love this sh*t
Watchin ducks n***a bucks, but hold up b*t*h

[Chorus 2X: Juvenile]
Let me get my hustle on, n***a all for Nol'
Let me make a hundred mill', n***a slow but sho'
Let me spin my new wheels in front yo' do'
Let me hit the battlefield n***a slangin snow
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