"Baller Blockin’"

Everyday, all day all we do is get our grind on
From sun up to sun down get our grind on
Tryna bust it wide open and build up my clank
Send a hit at these n***as so we could be the jank
You now how it is want everything for myself
Want every n***a scorin for me nobody else
I'mma dog it ain't not secret i want it all
Tha coke, dope, hoes and tha fancy cars
Tha game is cold but it's fair n***a
Can't trust no man cuz a n***a don't care n***a
n***a will do anything just to be tha man wit all tha work
Kidnap yo wife and yo daughter erase you off tha earth
Them n***as cut throats this sh*t is real cuzen
Better know tha game cuz if you don't you get killed cuzen
Be ready to take a n***a to war behinds yours
Spark when it get dark and leave brains on the curve

[Hook: Turk]
Why you blockin us
Baller Blockin us
You n***as can keep tryin
Ain't no stoppin us

n***as baller blockin so they lettin off shots
Tha feds came thru can't stop tha clock
Then why a n***a up tryna close my shop
Lovely came thru in a Bentley drop
Tha cadilac truck we painted then got hot
Still runnin thru them hallways tote'n a Glock
Word got around Curly tryna close my shop
Tha mail man down bad he can grab tha Glock
Tell tha stupid ho shut up she bouts to get popped
Tha cameras out and them lights is on
Them feds com'n thru and they gettin it on
So we duck and hide, supply and ride
Big party goin down wit Big Wood tonite
So we c*cked tha Glocks
Cuz tha beef is rock
n***as shootin out windows instead of head shots
Believe that playboy
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