"50 Shots Set’s It Off"

You know me can't get caught without my chopper
Loaded with D-D, I'm itchin' to see I got cha
B.G. labeled as a bust back n***a
Can't let yo chrome put holes in me, f**k that n***a
If you don't hit me up and I get another chance n***a
That's dat ass n***a, and you could trust that n***a
I put it on my first born like 50 states
I got 50 rounds to split yo motherf**king grape
I hope you don't think you could get away
Because I ain't gon let you get away
And you can ride deez

[Lil' Wayne]
Load it up pull it back then aim
Bust and release 50 flame in hang
Bullets slang like crack cocaine
50 n***as always riding wit Lil Wayne
My rees string up bo's fall halfway
I'm jumpin out a tree with a camouflaged AK
I spots my target and let'em go in the wind
Bullets fly by (chu chu) blow in the wind
One afta' another and another
How they come slippin out the clips
See 'em flip and hm hum
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