"Flossin Season"

[Intro: Baby]
Mannie Fresh playboy
I know you love these diamonds (they beautiful ha)
n***a, how you love that?
All that stunting and fronting
It's all about them diamonds boy

[Verse 1: Baby]
n***a it's a pretty day, and it's flossin' season
Added six tires to my new machinery
Double R like to ball like it's no tomorrow

Pretty broads and we f**kin these superstars
Chrome rims, n***as ridin' new Benz
TVs, Cadillacs with the new fends
Wet paint, n***as takin trips to the banks
Hittin malls spendin' twenty G's like stars
Rolex, PlayStations in the Hummer
Just to show these stupid hoes that we worth something

My stuntin' name Evel Knievel, keep it real
Let me pop a wheelie, hoes love stuntin' 'cause I got love
Gold slugs, stunting cause we got love
Motorbike button rims cause we living right
Game tight take a tramp make her holla champ
Overnight got the yola if your money right
Solid TV's PlayStation with the B.G
It's all gravy playboy cause it's flossin' season

A million dollars ain't nothing to me n***a
But a million hoes is game to me playboy
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