"Off Top"

[Verse 1: Juvenile]
Whodie we get down but to a certain extent
All that cha shoin' with them hoes be gettin' my name bent
I'm showin' you love but I love my money even mo
Disrespect me or play me off the top you gotta go
My people played me, we ain't getting down no more
Look that ain't how its 'posed to be but that's the way its gone go
I ain't with that front sh*t
That playin' with gun sh*t
That f**kin' with n***as who think they run sh*t
All that tongue sh*t
When my gun click, n***as silencing down
You was hollin' like a motherf**ker b*t*h holla at me now
Peep, what made a n***a wanna go and mess with me bone
And he gettin' on my nerves, I'm bout to go in his home
b*t*h my brother ain't no ho
b*t*h my mother ain't no ho
b*t*h my father ain't no ho
Why you try ta play me like a ho
sh*t, I might as well just go head on and bust his head
Cause them people gone give me the charge anyway
If he come up dead
Now tell'em bout that beemer I got
Tell'em bout that new home I got
Tell'em bout that Cutlass on chrome I got
You hated soldier sh*t
Thats why you showed you was a b*t*h
Now you runnin' with yo melon cause you know you gone get it split
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