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"Settle the Score"

What you about to hear gone f*ck you up
Because this the first time you ever heard some sh*t like this n*gga
I'm tellin you this sh*t so off the f*cking hook bro
Ya'll man look check this sh*t out

{Humming in Background} + {"Waaaaaa" in Background}

Mystikal: Mystikal and Juvenile n*gga
Say Juvey they don't believe you did the beat bro

Juvenile: What you mean n*gga, f*ckin right I did this beat
Mystikal: I tried to tell them n*ggas bro

I come with my own look, my own sound, my own style
Who the f*ck you think drawed this crowd
It's the ripper, the clean up hitter
You bitter intimidating young long di*k n*gga
Now suck it, now suck it, while you around here playa hating
Your woman around here screaming f*ck Me, f*ck Me
Tell me something, don't I put down on my albums
Motherf*cka nobody ever told you I was hard as a NFL Helmet
I write 'em, land 'em, plant 'em BAM n*gga can't stand 'em
On top, on sight, heads up, bust 'em at random (What You Did?)
I got the vest out, put the braids back, put on the bandana (What Else You Did?)
Signed a brand new contract, shot the video in Atlanta
Don't pull me, can't hold me the beat don't move me
You know smokin, drinkin whenever I kick it with Juvey
Back on my own, back on my zone
Feelin better, lookin better
Bout to go get it and bring it back home

[Hook 2X: Juvenile]
A n*gga got, got but I won't no more
Cause this time round I come to settle the score
Greedy n*ggas eat good, but not that long
They wind up with a stomach ache balled up in they home

You better cancel that sh*t, about you run this here
I ain't seen you on the charts what you done this year
Y'all thought "Project English" was the last of this sh*t
When I was really only given y'all half of this sh*t
f*ckin right I made the beat, and I wrote this rap
But a n*ggas In the ghetto want to post the crack
Got two n*ggas posted watching a bus with macks
Just waiting on the police and n*ggas to jack
To people across the nation, thanks for being patient
Ya'll been itching for some G-sh*t Huh, I know you waiting
When you cop the cd, get some Herb and Ride
Turn the b*tch up real loud so you can feel my Vibe
I got a long way to go, I'm just gettin started
I'm 26 years old and I'm still retarded
I ain't talking about handicapped
I'm talking about the way I talk and Express my rap
You Feelin that


Anytime you say my name make sure it's some good sh*t
Look I'm not your eldest rapper, I stay on some hood sh*t
Am I hatin on Cash Money, Now Stop Playin
I respect it How it came, Now I got Game (Bling)
I'm all about U.T.P. Family and Kids
And Takin Care of business it the way that we live
I don't need a record deal just give me my props
How many muthaf*ckas you know keepin it hot

Believe it or not, keepin my spot locked
I got more season than the seafood out the gumbo pot
Now run your mouth and lose your slot (I'm Lowdown)
I make em feed for me like junk is fever one more rock(Tease Me)
Ain't this some sh*t I'm famous and rich (Huh Bro)
I got b*tches I ain't even f*cked claiming my di*k
If thats how it is, I guess we gone see
Is this all about that big truck and U.T.P

[Hook and Ad Libs to fade]

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