"Pop Off"

[Are you ready?]

[San Quinn]
Give me a minute to get in it
Give me a minute with one of your main b*t*hes
Mental fitness I demonstrate
Right in front of your eyes
Watch your b*t*h elevate from a five to a nine
Confidence booster all in her mind
And I'm checkin' every dollar and dime
[Come with me]
To the city where my committee chase titties and ass
[Are you ready? Come with me]
I'll show you where the check break fast
And we bust heads fast
If a n***a not in single file
Run up on him single style
Let the thing break him down
You love my methods
Take a n***a off the Earth if he on my sh*t list reckless
The key copper
Have to eat proper
b*t*hes lookin' for guidance
Had to be proper
Tone Capone is the beat dropper
The jump off is jumpin' off proper
And it's about to get hotter
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