"Ain’t My Fault"

J. White, I need a beat I can go off on
Go'n with your hatin' ass
Dusty ass ho
Rat lookin' ass ho

[Chorus: Trouble]
It ain't my fault these b*t*hes mad though (It ain't my fault)
It ain't my fault that's where the cash go (It ain't my fault)
Get out your feelings, get a bag, ho (It ain't my fault)
Walked in Givenchy, clear the tab, ho (It ain't my fault)
I bought the Bentley just to sh*t on all these b*t*hes (It ain't my fault)
I bought the Wraith just to give it to my n***a (It ain't my fault)
I came from nothin', I finally made it to the millions (It ain't my fault)
Stack them racks up to the ceilin', yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (It ain't my)

[Verse 1: Trouble]
It ain't my fault your ho wan' f**k 'round with a real one, yeah, yeah (She want a real one)
Now she hate lames, she tried me out, she know the difference, yeah, yeah
My boy was Jordan, he passed her 'round, I'm Scottie Pippen, yeah, yeah
No MTV, but she wan' see just how I'm livin', yeah, yeah
n***a, mind your business, yeah, won't tell you 'bout who I'm hittin', yeah, yeah
Just had a son, yeah, put the other one on her titty, yeah, yeah
Two-step like Diddy, yeah, got a project b*t*h, saddity, yeah, yeah
She know I get it, yeah, get her bought with Hello Kitty, yeah, yeah
Murder be the cost, so death to snitches, yeah, yeah (Death to snitches)
She came with it so I kept them digits, yeah (Kept the line)
Relationship, you got one, told y'all dig it, yeah
That ain't the cause, see, I murdered your broad, it ain't no limit (Hah)
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