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Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah

I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake
The type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face
I'm a tiger, I'm a lion, I'm a bear, I'm a panther
If you ballin' I'mma be the one that's gonna snatch ya
I'm a fool, when I'm beefin I give n*ggas the blues
Don't think twice, first mind tell me do what I gotta do
So I gather up my clique, load up the f*cking iron
Gas up the creep mobile, jump in that b*tch and ride
When I catch ya I'mma do ya, I'mma smoke ya, I'mma kill ya
I'mma spank ya, I'mma whack ya, Geezy gone deal witcha
I don't play, I don't as*h*le B.G. don't lollygag
I get these pus*y n*ggas ready for their body bag
I'mma a clown but I ain't the type that play with ya child
I'm the type that go chicka-blowe chicka blowe
Ya heard me, watch out when that thang in my hand
I'mma an untamed animal, straight a clean up man

Chorus 2X: [Juvenile]

I'mma animal in the jungle so you better beware
It ain't nothing but guerillas, lion, tigers, and bears
I'mma game red-nosed pit ready to scratch
Got you running like a b*tch tryin to avoid the attack

I ain't no rabbit, I ain't no rat
I'mma a soldier that will give you hell
I ain't cat, I ain't no turtle get in beef and hide in a shell
I ain't no mutt, I ain't no monkie, far from being a duck
Believe me I can swim so come in that water, try your luck
You gonna drown, guarantee you go under you won't come up
I'm from Uptown and Uptown n*ggas don't give a f*ck
My hood is a jungle full of n*ggas live that wild life
Picture a untamed guerilla with a K(AK) he nothing nice
So you know you get in his way, you lose your life
So reverse that, get in front of me, you lose your life
I'm like a alligator crocodile, quietly I lay
Then slip, get comfortable, I'll strike and kill a prey
Take the life out em', stand there and watch him stop breathing
Watch him fade into the other world, but one day I'll see him
But for now f*ck em', see ya when I see ya n*gga
I know at this moment I wouldn't wanna be ya n*gga


I'm a lil' creeper, quick like a cheetah, so better (?????)
When I tell you freeze, when I was down for my heater
People say I'm dangerous, I need a leash and a collar
Cuz I'm like a ROCK (rocwilder) but much more wilder
If You got it, and I want it, I'll duct tape ya
Gotta a lock like a pit bull, get a hold of you and shake ya
Ain't now way You gone stomp at me, I feel you trying to play me
I'm like Mike when I bite, I give ya b*tch ass Rabies
From tree to tree, block to block I be hanging
Nuts swanging, thuggin, f*ck it I'm looking mangy
I gives a f*ck, I live wild life like jungle animals
Catch Us gettin how we live on Discovery Channel
You gotta be a snake that creep and know how to survive
pus*y cats got nine lives, dogs like me got one life
So we gotta manage it
We feel threatened by anything we gotta handle it
We living scandalous


[Animal and jungle sounds at the end]

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