Ah, Ah, Woah, Woah

I'm a guerilla, I'm a dog, I'm a beast, I'm a snake
The type that will walk up and put 10 hollows to your face
I'm a tiger, I'm a lion, I'm a bear, I'm a panther
If you ballin' I'mma be the one that's gonna snatch ya
I'm a fool, when I'm beefin I give n***as the blues
Don't think twice, first mind tell me do what I gotta do
So I gather up my clique, load up the f**king iron
Gas up the creep mobile, jump in that b*t*h and ride
When I catch ya I'mma do ya, I'mma smoke ya, I'mma kill ya
I'mma spank ya, I'mma whack ya, Geezy gone deal witcha
I don't play, I don't as*h**e B.G. don't lollygag
I get these pu**y n***as ready for their body bag
I'mma a clown but I ain't the type that play with ya child
I'm the type that go chicka-blowe chicka blowe
Ya heard me, watch out when that thang in my hand
I'mma an untamed animal, straight a clean up man

Chorus 2X: [Juvenile]

I'mma animal in the jungle so you better beware
It ain't nothing but guerillas, lion, tigers, and bears
I'mma game red-nosed pit ready to scratch
Got you running like a b*t*h tryin to avoid the attack
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