Mr. Criminal
We Ain’t Hard to Find
[Layzie Bone]
In the lab, cookin' up some more of that dope sh*t
That Hi Power Mo Thug sh*t
You know what it is

Chorus: Layzie Bone
You know what I'm reppin', East 1999
We be Mo Thugs and we ain't hard to find
It's Cleveland love, unless you cross the line
Don't f**k with you squirrels, cause it's a waste of time
This bottom line
You know what I'm reppin', East 1999
We be Mo Thugs and we ain't hard to find
It's Cleveland love, unless you cross the line
Don't f**k with you squirrels, cause it's a waste of time
It's just a waste of time

[Verse 1: Layzie Bone]
Bring only the real, and never the fake
It's all about money, so I paper chase
I'm all in the grind, I'm pushin' my line
Like all of the time, and I don't take a break
Since I'm a go-getter, I stay where the ballers at
Ain't nothin' else making no sense/cents
Hangin' with
Nan broke n***as, man
You a f**k around to be the tip
Layzie ain't havin', I rather battle back
Blow big as I roll in my Cadillac
Them 22" went to spinnin'
When it's my only option, as a matter of fact
I crept and I came, ain't no turnin' back
Too deep in the game, don't settle for less
Guess you could say, your boy been blessed
No time for the n***a that's full of that stress
Test me if you wanna, dawg
I'm tellin' you that it'll be the wrong move
When the Mo Thug Soldiers run up on you
What the f**k you gon' do
Them n***as gon' bow down
When I go to wildin' out
I'm bringing the raucous, you n***as can't touch us
I come with a thousand styles
We n***as just don't know how
L-Burna be flippin' the flow
I'm flippin' the game, I'm flippin' the script
Well really, I'm flippin' my dough
My money keep coming in stacks
Now watch how it pile on
Y'all n***as keep comin' up short
And my sh*t is a mile long
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Mr. Criminal]
You know what
I'm reppin' this Cali southern side
H.P.G. til the day that I die
213, East 99
Ese, so don't f**k with mine
Putting it down when I'm busting these rhymes
Came up short, sellin' nickels and dimes
Flipped it to some legal, dawg
So now, I'm ballin' at the time
Chrome wheels spinnin', live in sin and smokin', grinnin'
Walkin', limpin'
Eses out runnin' that blue, it's true when I'm crippin'
Not slippin'
I'm reppin' that trece
Puttin' it down, for all of my gente
Criminal with Layzie Bone
With Mr. Capone-E, que te parese
I'm livin' flawless to lawless
Since the day of my birth
I'm squeezin' my life, for all that it's worth
Before I'm leaving this earth
I've learn that capital lies
See, I built an enterprise
Fools be hittin' to see some Latinos
Comin' up on the rise
For me, I'm not trippin', I'm focused
On stacking these economics
Travel in U.S.A
Distributin' all this product
And this some uncut
Stompin' you out like UFC
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, connected with H.P.G
And others perpetrate with me, you see, I'm talkin' fast
You could check the streets about me, check about my f**kin' pa**
You see, your Criminal's true
You see, your Criminal's real
You run up on the Criminal
Watchin' Criminal, bust a steel
Repeat Chorus

[Verse 3: Mr. Capone-E]
From the L.A. county line, to the East 99
California thugs tug
All up in your ride {*stuttered gunshots*}
Bullets gonna fly, do or die, while I plot
Another homocide on the big bad boy side
Eazy E, 2Pac, Biggie Smalls
Hi Power Gangsters, we seen it all
Got it all, behind the all
F**k around, get around, we above the law
Sh*t goes down, in the county of Downey
It's bad with a AK-47
Once again, it's on, it's on
Hi Power kills 187
We ride the best from the west
Mister pulling the one homie on a Notorious vest
Chin check sh*t went flesh
Leave a bullet, motherf**ker start getting dope
Ha ha, got the evil laugh for a Joker
Smoke you suckers, cause we some crazy mother, f**kers
Ridin' and dippin'
Dippin' and we trippin'
We keep all of our weapon, motherf**ker, we the best in
Bone Thugs
F**k clubs
Puff on, that purple kush
Just one look at a groupie, leave 'em shook
Motherf**ker, give it up, f**k George Bush
We ridin' dirty, why you stuck, on that hate vibe
Chrome, get it on with Layzie Bone
Motherf**kers all turn to f**king shine

Repeat Chorus