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(clear throat)
Yo yo
(clear throat)
The game just not fair
The game is so dirty
The game full of cheaters
The game full of liars
The game full of me
I try to be somebody
They don't play fair to me
Why should i play fair to them
n***a i don't know
They don't play fair to me
I try to be somebody
All they do is move dirty
All they do is wanna talk
And always wanna talk
Everyday i do me
Still i try to reach the top
n***a i just do it cause i can
n***a i was born a rapper
Headphones on my ears
Cause you know
I'm still in the studio
n***a do it so good
Always talking like me
Having lyrics on my cellphone
I still do me
On my xperia
I have experience
n***as try to put me at the bottom
That's me
Step on me
Stamp on me
Like you stepping on the devil
Devil under my feet
And i'm just talking real sh*t
Tired of singing about guns
Tired of singing about crime
I should sing a love song
Sing a song about a girl
That's me
Oh damn
Maybe if i sing about a girl
They will tell me tell her it directly
I could say
Baby hate sleeping alone
Could you come and sleep by me
Have a bad ass chick on my bed right now
n***a that's what i'm about
Have her suck me dry
Yeah you know i still do it
I'm a do it cause i can
Oh man
I should build up my stats
Make my status
You know that's what's up
But if i sing about guns and crime
They will be like n***a
You not a bad man
That's me
And when i sing about girls
All the n***as wanna test me
And tell me that i'm a pu**y
Cause i sing about beautiful girls
Hey sexy mamma
Do you wanna come and sleep with me
She will be like boy
You don't have no respect for me
I'll be like girl
All i want is that pu**y
Just open your legs
For penetration
Let me slide it through
I still do it
That's so easy
n***as always talking
n***a hating on me
Hey i still ball
Everyday i do me
Like sixteen
I'm going
n***a playing like the Lakers
I still do my sh*t
n***as talking like the Yankees
n***as still watching teletubbies
Like my cousin
He was like twenty one
And he still watching cartoons
n***as hating on a real killer
Man i do it
Cause i get bigger
I get bigger
Like my d**k get a hard on
When i see that beautiful pu**y
Just talking cause you know that's me
n***as keep hating on me
n***a i ball hard
I do it cause i can
n***a why the f**k you hating on me
Trying to move to the top
They still talking
All i do is keep walking
I still creeping
n***as keep hating
I keep moving
I just keep moving
n***as keep talking like
Like emancipation
I do it so good
Me and you
Is a combination
I'm talking about you girl
I do it
n***as always talking
Fly away like a butterfly
I am the one
n***a i'm tired of singing about gun
n***a any body could sing a gun song
Action speak louder
Pow pow pow
When you hear that n***a
It gonna burst louder
Like it bursting your eardrum
See your arms ready to fly away
Cause the pressure of the gun
Make sure it ain't gonna fly you
Oh damn n***a so crazy
Surprise by the noise you hear
When you hear that n***a
Who care
I just do it so good
I should be aware
Like i have a homemade sh*t
n***as talking like they know sh*t
n***a i'm talking
I'm walking
n***a i still do my sh*t
n***a blanks in that
I don't really give a sh*t
n***a all i do is talk
n***a know about that
n***a sing about girls
n***a sing about that
n***a all i do is rap
n***a f**k hip hop
Every time i do that
I just keep coming back
I keep coming back to the same place
I wanna move
Why i do that
Same place i wanna get out
The same place i keep coming back
Why the hell i do that
I try to run away
But its like i'm trap
I'm stuck in the same
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