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"Killing it"

I'm just sitting down counting the days
I'm a be release
People keep on Talking like I'm ready to release an
Man I just sing a song you know
Where I'm from
They tell me pretty boy
Like you wouldn't last a minute in prison
I'll be fighting i'll be stabbing
Man i'll
Be doing all the killing I will do
Another murder if they busy trying to
Test me
They tell me there's a couple of
Guys that busy trying and rape me
I'll be like who the f**k you raping
You ain't raping nobody
Shooting guns at everybody trying and f**k with me
I don't give a f**k with them
But they give
A f**k with me
They watching me
They Wanna test me
pu**y who you dissing me
They Say they got a couple killers
I tell them Who is he i just do it what I do
Man i'm Fighting till i'm dead
Everybody keep on talking
Man i'm fighting till
I die
I don't know what to do
I'm just trying and touch the sky
They tell me you speaking a
I tell them I speak the truth
I am
The youngest boy
I'm the realest proof
Everybody keep on talking
Who you f**king talking to
You think you dissing me man
I ain't dissing nobody
They say pretty boy like me
Would never last a
Minute in the penitentiary
I tell them i got
Bars like a penitentiary
Man i've
Been balling since elementary
Busy trying and put me in the cemetery
I ain't
f**king with nobody
Nobody f**k
With me
Huh what you wanna diss
Boy you wanna diss me
I ain't no cartoon sh*t
This ain't no Disney
I don't play games with them
They wanna play games with me
Everybody want to know about young diamond story
Tell them boy who the f**k they f**king with
Everybody wanna know me
They wanna know my story
They say pretty boy like you
Would never last a day in the penitentiary
Man I'll do another killing
Wanna talk
Like willing
Like a ceiling to a
I try to live my life properly in society
I got a couple cops just keep watching me
I got a couple pussies on the block
Wanna test me
Some of them play they got guns
With fake uzi
I ain't no test brother
Don't bother test
I'm just trying and get my girl
Just live happy
Why you busy trying
And frustrate me
You wanna give me stress
Boy you not the best
Survival of the fittest
I'm just doing it like a contest
They say boy you to nice to ever do this
Hey can I talk to my lawyer oh please
Hey can I make a phone call like a diss
Everybody keep on talking
Tell them boy
Like a p*ss huh
Man i know the system
Is corrupt
I know they trying and put
Me behind bars like a hawk
Hey like a hush up to a hush up man
You ain't cutting nobody
Like what's up
Knock knock
Who knocking on my door
It's a couple cops
I ain't opening the door
Man f**k the ...
I just do it like a opps to a opps
To a mops
What you wanna talk
A hops
Yo trying and put evidence on me
Nuff of
Them don't know me like a
Tell them boy i do it like a
They trying to trap me
Like who you
Everybody wanna trap me
I'm busy putting my self in a trap
Man i got dealers on dealers
Don't bother trap me
I'm sitting down thinking
Head against the wall
People keep on blinking
I'm counting the days calendar
Where is my f**king calendar
Hey one two
Three four
Five six
One month
Three month
When will the f**k they release me
Maybe when i'm eighty
f**k everybody
They trying and put me in bars
Like whatever
I got bars like a penitentiary
I'm a rap star
Super star
Man i know they trying and catch me
Hey officer please guide me
I know busy they trying and search me
Everybody busy trying and f**k with me
I might put another ten years on my body
Hey what you wanna know about me
f**k The world till i reach the cemetery
I got a Couple fake motherf**kers trying and kill
I got a fake guys
Trying and shoot me
This guy tell me he gonna shoot me in the face
If he
Really catch me
I got a couple guys wish death on me
Many wish many men wish death on me
In society if i go prison
Nuff man would try to f**k with me
I ain't scared of nobody
Many men wish death on me
Lord i don't see the stars no more
I know a couple guys say that they ready to shoot me
I'm just walking trying and live my life happy
I got a couple guys ready to spy me
Nuff of them just wish i could be in the cemetery
I ain't scared of them
They should be scared of me
I'm just walking living my life happy
Till the day they kill me
May i rest in peace
R.I.P like a peace and peace
Just p*ssing on them
While they p*ssing on me
Know you vex
You ain't nobody
Who you dissing boy
You a real fassy
They say pretty boy like you
Would not last a day in the penitentiary
I'll be like f**k that sh*t yeah
Still doing me
I do it so good
Like i'm
Walking with a machete
Everybody f**k with
Young diamond don't play games with nobody
Just try to get my girl
And live happy
They busy trying and
Make me go crazy
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