Mr. Capone-E Lyrics

Jackin’ Your Beats (2017)

For Respect (2016)

No Regrets (2016)

Evolution of a G (2015)

Love Jams 2 (2012)

Tears of a Soldier (2011)

The Blue Album (Born Leader U Envy) (2010)

Hi Power Pimpin’ (2009)

Love Jams (2008)

Dedicated 2 The Oldies 2 (2007)

Ryder Muzic (2007)

A Soldier’s Story (2006)

Don’t Get It Twisted (2006)

The New Revolution (2006)

Always and Forever (2004)

Hate it or Love It (2004)

Dedicated 2 the Oldies (2003)

Last Man Standing (2001)

Dedicated to the Oldies

Pit Bossing

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