"Glass House"

Give me
Give me something real
That doesn't sing for praise
Doesn't have to fight
For validation’s sake
Wake up

[Verse 1]
I take offense at my culture
Critics and concubines of fame
I see such disillusionment on display
But what if they could see
The life you hide away?
Would you apologize for what you’ve become?

[Verse 2]
Your obsession with yourself
Began to hollow out
Your life
Your pride
Shatter around you now
To expose all you hide
This is all I have

No life
No pride
There is nothing left
There is nothing left
Your life
Your pride
Shatters around you
To expose all you hide

She’s comatose in memory
Violent and cunning with deceit
This winter never turned to spring
All I hear are footsteps
As you walk away

[Guitar solo]

And I hear your footsteps
As you walk away
As you walk away

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