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The Grouch Lyrics

Supreme Paradigm: The Grand Scheme (2018)

Grand Tapestry (2016)

The WinterFire EP (2014)

G&E & TNGHT (2013)

Murder at the Discotech (2010)

Peerless (2010)

Return 2 The Love (2010)

...And Then Tomorrow Came (2008)

Never Surrender (2008)

Hunger Pains (2004)

Sound Advice (2003)

Fallen Angelz (2002)

Felt: A Tribute to Christina Ricci (2002)

Magic (2002)

As They Pass (1999)

The Black Sands Ov Eternia (1999)

Worldwide Underground (1998)

Beats & Lyrics (Industry Hip Hop Compilation: Issue One) (1997)

Don't Talk to Me (1995)


Hunger Pains

Three Eyes Off The Time

Other Songs

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