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Gripping my wisdom, I’m off like, six of those pills, it dissolves like, listerine strips on my tongue, I lived distant while ligaments twisted, legitimate sick sh*t, I lift all the burdens with rhythms and riffs that envision my purpose, I figure it’s picture perfect if rerfurbushed, refer to my vengeance if curses play victim, I curse all The ones who deferred me and burned me, spur fury in faces and scurry off into a haven, I hate them, but it was too late t

Then, i said to them straight facts and then I just raised that, to take all that back to my grave and came back bad bag with the flames, back in my lane, it’s a fact it’s a shame, it’s all an act, I enact my revenge in my brain

For the sake of my off white, soft bright, little cold soul

But you didn’t know, don’t you see? I figure that’s its a figment that no one believes I figure me b*t*hing might make me fold up with ease, hold up I’m sweet, I froze up, I float up in dreams and foam up beliefs I chose to hold my own needs, choked up like cobras just crawled up my feet, I quote a poet that’s known to bestow his prestige and piece broken quotas in codes to comb all my conceit, need all the focus to go feed the hope to the hopeless regimes, I need a bogie, this juul is just almost on e, no battery, came back with aggravated battery attacks trapping your greed, I cannot hold my back these tragic beliefs, I flow these raps like a tote bag, I hold that discreet, while subtracting that ease, you just sold sacks of some weed to surpass certain deeds, it’s a sure fact I achieve if I put my mind back to succeed
Hold onto these pipe dreams

Every night I’m losing sleep

Thoughts in my mind like loud pipe

Every night, I write and I refuse defeat

’I must seize, just another duck, the goose will prove to be, wrong, I long for true belief, through the dirt, I assert all my scrutiny

Pipe dreams in my mind, I try to lucid dream

My youth is dead, I dreamt It induced a fiend and wiped me clean

Wipe me clean, nah x2

Nightmares are raw, the pains spite me till dawn and the light will untie my resolve
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