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Lil Flip Lyrics

Chicken Room 2 (2016)


Soldiers United 4 Cash (2016)

Trillmatic (2013)

Certified (2009)

Unfinished Business (2008)

Connected (2006)

Envy Me (2005)

Countdown To Armageddon (Invasion Vol. 3) (2004)

Westside Story (2004)

You Know What It Is, Vol. 2: Throwin' Rocks At the Throne (2004)

My Last Underground (2003)

The Houston Hard Hitters Vol. 6 (2003)

I Came to Wreck (2001)

Shunny Pooh Presents - 3rd Coast Finest Vol. 1 (2000)

5 Star General

Beef III Soundtrack

La Clover Nostra: Clover Gang

LA Leakers Freestyles

Lil Flip and Suckafree Present

Lil Flip Vs. E.S.G

Lil' Flip & 7-1-3 present Sucka Free & Undaground Legend

Million Dollar Hooks

Now or Never

Real Recognize Real


Swisha House - Summer 2K1

The Army

The Best Of Lil Flip Vol. 1

The Day Ater Hell Broke Loose

The Leprechaun 2

The Leprechaun King

Undaground King

Undaground Legend (Bonus CD)

Underground Legend (Bonus CD)

Other Songs

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