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Part Time

"All Day Long I’ve Been Thinking About Tonight"

I see you come 'round
I'm willing to know your eyes
I said come on, let's get in my car and drive
Go for a cruise, I sit by the lake and cry
Feed the ducks and talk so much about life

I told you once, I told you twice, let's go
Listen to me cause baby I want you
All day long I've been thinking about tonight
So come along, won't you come along
To the drive [?]

Won't you come along on to my summer, let's drive
We can go to the park we can go get sun
Hot, let's go and get burnt [?]

We can go in the road
I'm feeling the sun, let's drive
I can go to the moon
You can come along if you like

Wanna go to the sun
I feel like a gun, loaded
Gonna take you tonight
Wanna treat you right, all night
Gonna do you some right
All through the night, you know
So don't you be afraid
'Cause I got what you need

I want ya
I want ya
I need ya

Yes I want ya
I want ya
Need ya

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