Freedumb lyrics

Pigeon John

[Verse 1: Dumbfoundead]
Damn I'm feeling good
Just drank a carrot juice
On my healthy tip, you should try it too
I had my phases though, it's all about the balance bro
A pack of Swishers or rolling papers I'm back and forth
Not a sneaker head, but I like my sneakers fresh
Buy some Jordans just to flex so I copped them Breds
Yeah I got the bread, take a trip out to Madrid
Don't ya ask me why I did it for the f**k of it
I'm living free, pimping like I'm Suga Free
Everything is blowing up take a look at my booking fee
Look at me we're not the same
Life is f**king off the chain
Got my local chicks — soon as I get off the plane
Forty days, thirty shows, I can't even call this work
Every time I'm leaving town, shorty got them water works
Au revoir, gotta go, hit you with the french (oui?)
Everyday we're winning tell your team to sit the bench yo

[Hook: Pigeon John]
We all free, and living in the video
Can't no body tell us nothing
Let's all roll to anywhere we wanna go
Yeah they never saw us coming now
We're showing up, showing up, showing up, showing up
Yeah they never saw us coming now
We're showing up, showing up, showing up, showing up
Yeah they never saw us coming

[Verse 2: Dumbfoundead]
The teachers told me no
I was f**king broke
Domino effect, didn't have no where to go
They told me Mister Park, there's no money doing art
So I found the answers doing mushrooms out in Griffith park
Stoner with Nirvana patch
Smoking ’till it's Johnny Cash
Kickin' it with outcasts
Weirdos up in drama class
Hey! All my crushes they just hit me out the blue (blue)
Lookin' real different what the f**k happened to you?
Free spirit living with my middle fingers up (f**k you)
Skinny motherf**ker feeling hella buff
Yeah ladies if you got it go and flaunt cause we love it
Show off all the work you did hiking up in that Runyon
Got the 5-0 eyeing me
I ain't doing nothing wrong
They just check my records and
I tell them piggies run along
Come along we eatin' if you hungry then I'm treatin'
Man I love this freedom I don't ever wanna leave it, hey


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