Champion Birdwatchers lyrics

Pigeon John

Ladies and Gentlemen!
The show that you've all been waiting for
Champion Birdwatchers!

[Verse One: BTwice]
How you doin' baby? I see you walk by
I'm wondering if you got wings, you lookin fly
I know a lot a wanna be players sweatin' you
Buy I ain't playin,' don't diss, cause I ain't lettin' you

Forget you
Girl you ever heard of revenue? Haven't you?
Ever heard of the chosen few, that I wanna do
What they do better than the rest, girl I'm tellin' you
Cause the Cook can do somethin' BTwice could never do

Peace to that cat
Let's shake the spot
It's getting hot
Let's thicken the plot
And it don't stop
Teach you all about hip hop
Protect you when it's dark
Check out graffiti marks
Stop to pick you up flowers strollin' through this park
Massage your feet at the bus stop by the swap meet
Then take you back to the crib to make beats
Show you the city sites
Dinner and candlelight
Cause soon as I recoup
Feed you fresh fruit on the roof

Hey so lady, don't mean to bother you nothin'
But I just wanna get to know you some
Maybe you think and you look at me bumming
But give me a chance so we can have some fun

(Female Singer's Response)
You better keep quick
You might think this funny
But I don't know you and I don't want to
First of all mister, you don't got no money
And when I say you, I mean your whole dang crew

So listen up here, you might think it's funny
But I don't know you and I don't want to
First of all mister, you don't got no money
And when I say you, I mean your whole dang crew

[Verse Two: Pigeon John]
Forget the others, baby, dance with me
They're some j*rks and I don't want you to get hurt, see?

(Female Singer)
Why should I trust you?
You run the same crew

(Pigeon John)
Cause they call me Pigeon John and I'm in love with you
So is you is
Or is you ain't my baby?
(Shake it butters, shake it!)
Cause lady if you get with me
You'll see
Everybody say (Ooh Wee!)
Listen baby doll, get to my Ferrari
(Don't go we warn ya!)
Shut up young G! (uh!)
Can't you see, I'm tryin' to get something planned?
Well well, young toots?
(Don't listen to him, scram!)


[Verse Three]
Girl you gonna listen to these foolios? (Female: No.)
You wanna come with me, cause I got Tony Hawk at the studio
Oh, you don't like videos?
How 'bout trips through the city-o?
Did I mention that I'm down with Arsenio?

You gonna by that?
I wouldn't even try that
With the call to the cat on some junior high crap
He'll probably pull your hair next
And trip you down the stair steps
Yo, I wouldn't dare get ill like that
I'm civilized
With hospitalized hostility
Put it to rest and test mental ability
I know my calculus, got an A plus
It's you plus me, we be the –


[Outro: Spoken by female]
Look, y'all some busters. First of all, ya stank. And you need some new clothes. ???????????????????? to the fullest. And if you skate, die!!!

(Fading out)
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey
Hey hey

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