Audacity Pt. 3 lyrics

Pigeon John

Audacity, once again...
Audacity. Here we go...

[Andy + (Diz) trade rhymes]
Audacity- that's the theme again
And a line that defines enemies and friends
A description- go back, listen to part one
Well, what'chu wanna do?- man, let the tape run!

[Andy Cat]
Who's up on stage movin' like a lunatic?
Whoops, that's me, and I don't believe I'm doing it
And I don't believe there's a line to get in
And I really don't believe I've been trying to sing
I guess "I think I'm too good for rap,"
I'll do a four-part harmony- "Listen to that! (*Sample*)"
And despite the fact I'm tight smashing mics
I came up in life being middle class and nice
So I'd hear it; kids going on the attack
And they'd laugh, "Hey Coop, do you wanna be black?"
But audacity is to like what I like 'cause I like it
Whether or not you alright it
And I like prunes and legumes by the handful
Like old movies, and I like to use samples
Plus at the end of a verse I like to lie
That's why Sade sang songs about my audacity

[Andy's Interlude]
Ladies, stop harassin' me
It's just audacity
I stack raps like Bohemian Rhapsody to indulge my audacity
Yup, and make the cash money to finance the audacity
Packing arenas to capacity with my man Pigeon John and audacity...

[Pigeon John]
To be a blood in Long Beach
A forty-five year old rappin' the strong beats 'cause
Pigeon John is the bomb
Let everybody say it, "Pigeon John is the bomb!"
See, I'm the only 5%'er with a white girlfriend
Walking bold in the temple with a big white grin
And she and high-school dawg- a sophomore at that
She got with me 'cause she wanna baby half-black
And I'm only on this song 'cause I got twenty grand
And I owe Dizzy Dustin a favor for lending a hand
The other dudes I don't kick it with; who's Andy Cooper?
Tall, lanky, weird, rhymes all bloopers
Yea, yea, yea I said it
Audacity to diss him on the very own record ("It's like that?")
Yea buddy, Kool Moe Dee style, holmes
You know I've got-got the audacity

[Pigeon John's Interlude]
They need a singer so they callin' me
I've got the audacity, plus I've got a little situallity
Check my leather pants- audacity
Without me the album's a catastrophe, and now
It's a friggin' masterpiece- smell it? The audacity...

[Einstein cuts it up...]

[Dizzy Dustin]
(Everyone: Audacity!!) I don't know it is
When I step into the room everybody knows Diz
Is it 'cause of show-biz or just that I'm electric
You can ask my skeptics- they label me eccentric
Maybe it's the fact the way I light up a room
I'm always in the spot like cameras on zoom (That's true)
People come in flocks to watch your man rock
The line's around the block for my John Hanc*ck
I got the mox- (You got the mox?)
More props than Carrot Top
Don't need a thing, no bling, not the flare of a watch
And I said I don't know what it is, so tell me
(Andy: Could it be, could it be, could it be, could it be?)

[Dizzy's Interlude]
I'm doing this half-asleep... (yawing) audacity
(Yo, wake up man- we've got'ta to the song, man) audacity
I've got'ta get back to Long Beach (what?) audacity
Now can I leave?

[Outro] + (Andy C/Dizzy D/Pigeon J)
What, you're takin' off dude? (Yea, I got'ta go dude)
We've still got some other stuff to do (I've got more important things
To take care of...) That's audacity, man...
So Pigeon John, man you think you've got audacity, huh?
(Boy, I've got loads. I'm the highfalutin Kool Moe Dee)
(Sunglasses is a must, leather pants...) Hahaheh, how you like me now
Well if you're Kool Moe Dee, then I guess I've got to be LL Cool J...
(Please) prowlin' the stage like a panther...
Figure out a new way to take my shirt off by accident (Ha-ha!)
...You know? checkin' out the young ladies in the front and whoops!
My jacket's half-way unzipped... now it's all the way down
Then I look 'em dead in the eye- you know what I say to 'em? (What'do'ya say to 'em) I've got to tell 'em (Tell 'em...) Ladies?...

I've got aaaaaaaauuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUDACITY!!!

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